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We Value Our Customer Service

Our Customers: Clients


Better Value Home and Office Cleaning Co. is very thankful for all of our clients. We strive to give our clients consistent quality cleaning services that come at affordable prices. We also strive to train our employees to ensure our grade A cleaning standards. This page is specifically for customers that have concerns, questions, complainants, or complements that are associated with our services. We have a customer feedback system that seeks to resolve conflicts and address concerns that may arise. Information about concerns will be used to bring forth solutions and resolve any issues.



We are happy to answer your questions or concerns whether you already have an account with us or are looking for services. You can contact us by email at Monday-Sunday, 24 hours a day. You can call us at our emergency hotline number (267) 626-1279, Monday-Sunday 24 hours a day. Our online chat is also available Monday- Sunday for 24 hours a day.



Please note, when contacting us through via email all of our customers must use the email address that we currently have on file. For our security reasons we cannot communicate with an email address that is not listed.

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