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Five Things That You Should Clean Once a Month

Keeping a clean home can be hard work depending on how often you clean. There are some houses that accumulate more dust mites than others, while other homes accumulate less dust but develop more mildew. It is important to know your home and to set up a routine that accommodates your schedule. In this article we will focus on the top five things that you should be cleaning every month.

Baseboards and Blinds

If you get in the habit of not dusting your blinds they can run the risk of building up too much dirt and dust. once this happens it is often very difficult to clean, leaving behind a greasy and sometimes sticky residue. Baseboards if not cleaned, leave a build up of dust that settles and eventually becomes hard. To dust your blinds it is best to use a dry microfiber rag or a duster and gently run it horizontally across the surface. To clean you baseboards, you can also use a duster or a dry microfiber rag. If your baseboards have a lot of dust build up, it may be best to spray and wipe your baseboards with your favorite cleaning solution.

Ceiling Fans and Light Fixtures

Cleaning your ceiling fan and light fixtures every month is a great way to reduce allergens in your home. Ceiling fans if not cleaned can eventually shorten the life span of the motor and cause damage. To clean your ceiling fan you can use a two step ladder and a dry microfiber rag, you can also use an extendable duster if you do not have a two step ladder. To clean your light fixtures you can also use a microfiber rag and a duster.

Air Vent Covers

Air vents if not cleaned at least once a month run the risk of blowing dust back into your home. Cleaned air vents reduce allergies, sickness, germs and bacteria. To clean a air vent cover you will need a dry microfiber rag and your favorite cleaning solution. Spray the solution on the rag and gently wipe the air vent cover. if your air vents are hard to reach you can also use an extendable duster.

Dusting these five areas in your home once a month is a start to a cleaner and healthier environment. Setting a routine that works for you and your home will benefit your attitude, production, and overall lifestyle. Think about what you might like to add to this list. If you don't have the time to clean, you can make an appointment with Better Value Home and Office Cleaning! We have the expertise to tackle these areas and much more in just one visit. You can contact us today or you can book an appointment with us through our online booking services.

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